You Can Preorder A $10K Gold PS5 This Week


You Can Preorder A $10K Gold PS5 This Week

Let’s be honest: the design of the upcoming PS5 is divisive, to say the least. It’s huge, it’s white, and it looks a little bit like a device that would digitize your soul in a bad sci-fi movie. That said, if you’d prefer a more luxurious design, you’ll get your chance later this week.

The previously-announced gold PS5 will soon be available for preorder from a third-party UK retailer, and the price tag is a whopping £7999 for the 18K rose-gold version and £8099 for the 24K gold version. (That’s around $10,500, if you’re wondering.) If you just want a part of the look, you can nab a gold PS5 controller for £649 and a headset for £399. Preorders will start on Thursday, September 10.

For the rest of us plebs who can’t afford a solid-gold console, we still don’t know how much the PS5 is going to retail for, or even a specific release date beyond holiday 2020. The smaller Xbox Series S was confirmed for a $299 price point earlier today, but we still don’t know the price of the flagship Xbox Series X, though credible reports have suggested $499. Sony also confirmed that the PS5 will be backward-compatible with PS4 games, though it will not be able to play games from previous generations beyond that. At least we’re getting that Demon’s Souls remake, so I can stop lugging my PS3 out of storage for that. If you want to preorder a regular PS5, you can sign up on Sony’s website. Given that supplies are going to be limited, you should act fast.

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