Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gets Significant Discount Ahead Of The Holidays


Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gets Significant Discount Ahead Of The Holidays

GameSpot recently revealed our picks for the best games of 2020, and now Amazon has given one of them a very nice discount. Yakuza: Like A Dragon is down to $40 on Xbox Series X and Xbox One and $35.48 on PS4–the latter version is also playable on PS5. There’s no listed end date for this deal, so we’re not sure how long it will last. And of course, supplies are also limited, so if you’re interested, you’ll want to snag it soon.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon $40 on Xbox | $35.48 on PlayStation

Yakuza: Like A Dragon trades in the melee combat action for turn-based RPG battles, as protagonist Kasuga Ichiban is a huge Dragon Quest fan and sees the world as a big JRPG adventure. Despite the radical change in gameplay, Like A Dragon still captures the soul and spirit of the Yakuza series, with a heartfelt story, loveable characters, and over-the-top humour.

The latest Yakuza game is playable on PS5, though only via backwards compatibility. A next-gen update for Sony’s platform is coming next year. Right now, the only “next-gen” version of Yakuza: Like A Dragon is available on the Xbox Series X. If you don’t own a next-gen console yet, you can buy either version of the game and upgrade for free when you get one in the future.

In GameSpot’s Yakuza: Like A Dragon review, editor Michael Higham scored it a 9/10, praising the game’s characters, energy-filled turn-based combat, and the large amount of exciting and rewarding side content. He called it “a passing of the torch, and a fantastic entry in a beloved franchise that proves that it’s in good hands with Kasuga Ichiban.”