Xbox Series X Giveaway Coming From Taco Bell, Prizes Awarded Before Launch


Xbox Series X Giveaway Coming From Taco Bell, Prizes Awarded Before Launch

Microsoft has finally announced its next-gen launch plans for the Xbox Series S and Series X, and once again the company is teaming up with fast-food chain Taco Bell to give away its latest hardware before you can buy it in stores.

You can download the Taco Bell app and join the beta rewards program by September 13, which will let you enter daily drawings for an Xbox Series X bundle from September 15-21 as long as you opt-in to receive emails. With or without the app, starting on September 24 you can purchase a medium or large drink, and your drink cup will include a code to enter to win the bundle. You can enter up to three times per day, and the restaurant promises the equivalent of a winner every 15 minutes.

The bundle will include the Xbox Series X, wireless controller, and a six-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The announcement didn’t detail exactly when the systems will go out to winners, but it did promise they’ll be available before the console’s November 10 launch date.

This is similar to last year’s promotion, which gave out limited-edition consoles that played a special Taco Bell sound at startup.

This announcement follows just after Microsoft announced the launch date and prices for Xbox Series X and Series S. Xbox Series X will cost $500, while Series S has mostly similar specs but caps out at a lower resolution for $300. Both versions of the next-gen hardware will launch on November 10. They’re also both available through All Access, which lets you split up the cost in installments over 24 months. That method actually saves you money if you had planned to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate anyway, so Microsoft is clearly aiming to win on value.

Pre-orders for Xbox Series S and Series X open on September 22. Check out our hardware comparison and pre-order guide for more details.

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