Xbox Series S Reaction Roundup And Best Memes


Xbox Series S Reaction Roundup And Best Memes

Microsoft’s announcement of Xbox Series S blew up Twitter this morning, and everybody has an opinion. The console’s official confirmation came after somebody leaked the Series S trailer and images. In reaction to the leaks, Xbox’s Twitter account felt much the same way as we did.

The Xbox Series S will cost $299 in the US and £250 in the UK. No release date has been confirmed, but a report from Windows Central claims that both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will release on November 10. For more information on what we know about Xbox’s newest console, head over to our article on Series S.

Marty Hess, from Xbox’s Global Product Marketing team, also teased that Xbox has more announcements on the way.

Aside from reactions on Xbox’s side, the internet’s gut reaction is that the Series S looks like a speaker, an intercom, or some variation of a household item. (They’re not wrong.) Funnily enough, when the Xbox Series X was revealed, the internet also remarked on its resemblance to a speaker or a fridge. You can check out our roundup below.