Xbox Is Here To Help You Find True Peace In This Video


Xbox Is Here To Help You Find True Peace In This Video

The past several months have been stressful, and with several weeks to go before the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S arrive, you might be feeling a little anxious and uneasy. Microsoft wants to help, evidently, as the official Xbox Twitter account has posted a relaxation video to guide you in finding inner peace.

Described as a tutorial level that rewards you with the “calmness perk,” the video is bizarre. If you’ve been following the Xbox social media team recently, that’s quite on-brand.

The narrator asks you to forget about your kill-to-death ratio or any trouble you’ve had in recent games, and to instead focus only on breathing in and out.

“If you’re wearing a powered exoskeleton, feel free to remove it,” the narrator adds.

After just a few minutes, we have to admit that we felt a little bit better. It remains to be seen if that feeling of calmness will continue, but we did receive an achievement for completing the exercise.

Most of the Xbox Series X/S games available at launch aren’t quite so focused on mindfulness or inner peace, but they do look like fun. Gears Tactics will be available on the system on launch day after previously releasing for PC. One game that won’t be there is Halo Infinite, as it was delayed into an unspecified point in 2021. For Halo fans, we definitely recommend trying out these breathing exercises.