Xbox Game Pass For PC Will Soon Be More Expensive


Xbox Game Pass For PC Will Soon Be More Expensive

Xbox Game Pass for PC–a subscription offering that gets you tons of games– is about to get more expensive. Microsoft has announced that the introductory price, which is $5 per month, will soon be retired.

This has been the price since Xbox Game Pass for PC launched in beta, which it remains at today. In a blog post, Microsoft said Xbox Game Pass for PC will “become generally available” on September 17, which is the day that the introductory price expires. From the wording here, it sounds like Xbox Game Pass for PC may leave beta on this date, too.

People who have already subscribed at that price will pay the same rate through their next billing cycle, after which they will see the price increase to $10 per month.

This price increase only applies to Xbox Game Pass for PC. On Xbox, people can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass by itself for $10/month, or they can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $15/month–this includes Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Game Pass–on Xbox One and PC–is about to get even more games when the subscription offering adds EA Play, which is the new name for EA Access. This offering will be bundled into Xbox Game Pass this holiday.

This news came as part of Microsoft’s announcement of the release dates and prices for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

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