Xbox All Access Has A $20 Fee To Upgrade The XB1SAD To Next Gen


Xbox All Access Has A $20 Fee To Upgrade The XB1SAD To Next Gen

Xbox All Access is gaming’s answer to a phone plan, where you can pay off your console month-by-month with a bonus Game Pass Ultimate thrown in. Most Xbox All Access users will get a good deal on upgrading to next gen, but those who bought the budget Xbox One S All-Digital (XB1SAD) console will find they owe an extra $20 fee.

Xbox All Access users upgrading from an Xbox One S or X will be able to trade in their old console after reaching 18 monthly payments on their contract, then swapping immediately over to a new contract for an Xbox Series X or Series S. Customers upgrading from the All-Digital will have to pay an extra one-off $20 upgrade fee, which will be included on their first payment towards a Series X or Series S, as mentioned in Xbox’s upgrade FAQ.

The fee will be in addition to a monthly price hike for users switching to a next-gen contract. Where the monthly repayment for the budget All-Digital Xbox One console is just $20, the Xbox Series S will cost $25 per month, while the Series X will be $35.

For more information on the next-gen All Access plans, including upgrading from a current-gen console, check out our guide here.

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