Woodsalt Is A Unique JRPG Headed To PC And Nintendo Switch In October 2020


Woodsalt Is A Unique JRPG Headed To PC And Nintendo Switch In October 2020

Woodsalt is a JRPG filled with quirky characters and otherworldly themes. As you explore an existential mystery of existence you will slowly follow a unique story. This title comes from Team Woodsalt and is planning a launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Players take control of Emcy, a hero who has a habit of sleeping. Wake 1000 years later to discover the world of Nu-Terra, a massive city that exists within a bubble. Discover how this happened as you experience this sci-fi adventure through fresh and new eyes.

Set on Nu-Terra 1000 years after a disaster on Earth, players enter a world of chaotic natural disasters and giant creatures. All that is known is gone and players are left in a futuristic world that is under an ancient danger.

You are not stuck here forever. Players must explore a new city as you wait for a signal to return you home, back to Earth. Although you are not sure exactly what happened you find a city full of danger and opportunity set before you.

The city itself is not as happy as it might seem. There is a growing conspiracy hidden beneath the surface that plans to keep humanity from ever leaving its bubble of safety. Your hero is plagued with messages from the unknown as you gain visions and insight from a being that no one else can see or hear.

This game features an evolving city with multiple endings, numerous side-plots, and a branching conspiracy. Every decision can affect the main plot and direct fans towards any number of secret endings. Clever players will make it home, while others may decide that safety is better.

Each conversation is presented with unique options that can direct the discussion. Explore each persons backstory and secrets as you slowly understand what happened to EArth and why the new planet is stranger than anyone else ever knew.

This game’s world is presented in a free roam state. Simply explore your surroundings freely as you dive deeper into a strange futuristic land.

This game does contain occasional blood and violence but nothing that would be above a PG-13 movie rating. This title is fit for most players who can understand the travesty and destruction as well as enjoy the unique dialogue present in this title.

Woodsalt will be available on October 13, 2020 on both Steam and Nintendo Switch. Prepare to uncover a secret truth of destruction, hope, and loss.