Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Intense Swordfights And Big Monsters

Koei Tecmo has released a new gameplay trailer for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a new Souls-like action game from Ninja Gaiden, Nioh, and Stranger of Paradise developer Team Ninja.

The trailer shows off the game’s intense-looking swordfighting based on Chinese martial arts. The gameplay trailer also spotlights some of the otherworldly enemies and environments that players will explore. Check it out below.

Koei Tecmo also announced that the first publicly playable demo for Wo Long will be available at Koei Tecmo’s booth at the Tokyo Game Show, which begins September 15. Producers Fumihiko Yasuda and Masaaki Yamagiwa will be on hand at the event to showcase a brand-new stage.

Speaking to IGN, Yasuda said the biggest different from Nioh, in terms of gameplay, is an emphasis on speed.

“There’s no stamina gauge like you had in Nioh, so you’ll constantly be confronted by a multitude of situations in which you need to react immediately. You can choose to play more aggressively, but there are also a lot of new ways to evade enemy attacks.”

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is in the works for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC for release in early 2023. The game will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass for subscribers on console and PC.