Tyler Perry Shows Support To Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend By Donating $100,000 To His Legal Defense Fund Amid Lawsuit!

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Tyler Perry Shows Support To Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend By Donating $100,000 To His Legal Defense Fund Amid Lawsuit!

The filmmaker wanted to show some great support to Breonna Taylor‘s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, while he’s still involved in a painful and increasingly frustrating legal battle! That being said, he decided to donate no less than $100,000 to his defence fund!

That’s right! Tyler Perry made his support of the cause very clear by sending a bit of his wealth towards it.

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That being said, one source confirmed via ET that the filmmaker and actor has added a whopping $100K to Breonna’s boyfriend’s GoFundMe page, which was set to help him financially amid his civil case.

TMZ was the first to report this and also mentioned that the donation was made in four parts.

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First, it is reported that he started by making two $10K donations, then a $50K one and finally, a $30K one, completing his GoFundMe page’s total goal!

As you might know at this point, Walker is currently getting ready to go to court as the defendant in a suit that was filed by police officer Jonathan Mattingly.

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This comes after Breonna Taylor was shot in her own home in the middle of the night by police officers wearing civilian clothing.

According to Walker, who survived the rain of bullets, the cops entered the place he shared with his girlfriend without identifying themselves, despite him repeatedly asking them to do so from the other side of the door they were trying to force open.

Therefore, Walker proceeded to fire a warning shot at the officers he thought to be robbers or intruders.

The officers involved, however, insist that they did identify themselves.

Mattingly got shot in the leg and he claims to be from one of Walker’s warning shots.

This has not yet been proven and he could have just as easily been hit by one of the 32 bullets he and his colleagues proceeded to shoot, six of which hit and killed Breonna Taylor.

The cop is suing Walker now, claiming trauma and emotional distress at the hands of Walker who supposedly shot him in the leg.