This Steam Deck Alternative Is Getting A $300 Discount

The OneXplayer with a massive 8.4-inch display is among the better deals currently available, as you can snag the powerful handheld for $1,099, down from $1,399. This model boasts a 2560 x 1600p resolution, iRis Xe Graphics 96EU GPU, and an Intel Core i7 processor . There’s also a 1TB SSD to store a huge chunk of your Steam library. It’s quite a bit more expensive than Steam Deck, but it’s definitely packing some impressive specs to make up for that hefty price tag.

As a Windows handheld, you could essentially view the OneXplayer as an alternative to a gaming laptop. You can also plug it into a monitor to get a proper desktop PC feel. One of the benefits of the OneXplayer over the Steam Deck is that you don’t have to do anything special out of the box to get all of your games across clients other than Steam–Epic Games Store, Itchio, GOG, etc.–to run. It’s just like getting a Windows laptop, just in a handheld form.

All of the impressive tech is fit inside a relatively sleek, comfortable design–and one that makes it easy to throw in your bag (with a case, please) before heading out for the day. The OneXplayer AMD Ryzen 4800U is on sale too, down to $800 from its usual $1000.