These Zelda And Super Mario Switch Controllers Are Available For Cheap


These Zelda And Super Mario Switch Controllers Are Available For Cheap

Looking to add another Switch controller to your collection without breaking the bank? Consider checking out these officially licensed gamepads from PDP Gaming, which feature Mario and Zelda designs and are currently discounted to less than $15.

Rock Candy Wired Switch Pro Controller (Mario Red) $10 (was $20)

This Mario controller is the cheapest of the two, although it offers everything you’d need out of a secondary gamepad. The main attraction is its colorful design, with a transparent red faceplate, blue buttons and analog sticks, and Mario gracing the bottom right portion of the controller. It’s not wireless, but its 8-foot cable should let you comfortably lounge on the couch without any issues, and it’s also detachable for easy storage. A 30-day return policy comes with your purchase in case it doesn’t live up to your standards.

Rock Candy Wired Switch Pro Controller (Zelda Blue) $12.50 (was $20)

The Zelda version of the PDP Gaming Switch Pro Controller offers all the same functionality as the Mario one listed above. Instead of a vibrant red design, however, you’re getting a transparent blue faceplate along with white buttons and accents. You’ll also find Link adorning the bottom left of the controller. The gamepad clocks in at just seven ounces, which is slightly lighter than the official Wireless Pro Controller (around eight ounces), making this a good choice for children or players with smaller hands. Make sure to check the coupon box on the listing to get an additional 10% off.

While these gamepads didn’t find a spot on our best Switch controllers list, another product from PDP Gaming managed to make the cut. However, anyone in the market for a reliable, affordable backup controller for Switch should check these out. While you probably won’t want either of them as your main controller, they are ideal for multiplayer sessions and could even be cool display pieces.