The Walking Dead: Last Mile’s Act One Launches On August 22

After an open beta, The Walking Dead: Last Mile’s Act One is launching on August 22 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET on Facebook Watch and Facebook Gaming. Act One follows the events of the Prologue created in open beta.

As told in the Prologue, TWD:LM takes place in Prosper Landing, Alaska and features two main factions: the village and the plant. The difference between the two is in attitudes towards survival: The village focuses more on traditional methods, while the plant wants to get a gas plant back up and running.

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At the end of the Prologue, a key member of the village dies, and a terrible winter will soon be upon Prosper Landing. The major question, then, is if the two factions will work together to survive or will their conflicts only deepen.

Players’ decisions will affect the way the story plays out. They can earn Influence Points through activities and minigames, and then spend those points on key decisions in the game. To access TWD:LM, sign into Facebook and open up Instant game. There are no downloads required.

Each Act will take place over the span of three-weeks, for a total of three Acts. Every week, Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day will hold Facebook livestreams recapping what players voted for and what events have unfolded in the story.

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