The Wait For Windjammers 2 Just Got A Little Longer


The Wait For Windjammers 2 Just Got A Little Longer

It seems like a crazy dream that Windjammers 2 even exists. The original cult hit from the ’90s became more popular in recent years, leading to renewed interest in a sequel, and Dotemu is finally making that happen. However, those of you who have been waiting decades for the game will have to wait a little bit longer than predicted.

In an update post on Twitter, Dotemu–which is developing and publishing the game–said that it received plenty of positive feedback during the Steam Summer Festival last June but found that players also had several criticisms. These included the lack of a rollback netcode system in online mode, the absence of which could make things seem less fluid. In order to implement this and make the game as close to players’ expectations as possible, it’s being delayed to 2021.

Windjammers 2 is an ambitious project that we love and that we cannot ruin with wrong decisions that could jeopardize its quality,” Dotemu added.

It’s certainly unlike anything else in gaming, with its frisbee-based intense sports action testing even the quickest reflexes. This uniqueness is likely why players had spent so long waiting for a sequel.

Dotemu is no stranger to reviving long-dormant franchises. The French company also co-developed Streets of Rage 4, a largely successful return to the acclaimed beat-’em-up series. In GameSpot’s Streets of Rage 4 review, critic Heidi Kemps said it was an “admirable comeback” for the series and praised its new art style.