Super Meat Boy Forever Gets Release Date, After Wait Seemed Like Forever


Super Meat Boy Forever Gets Release Date, After Wait Seemed Like Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever has been a long time coming, having been first announced in 2014. Now the tough-as-nails platformer has finally set a release date. As part of The Game Awards, a new trailer debuted announcing that the game is coming to PC via the Epic Games Store on December 23.

The brief trailer consisted mostly of gameplay footage–surprisingly without the many, many deaths that define the game–along with some cute animated segments starring Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, and Dr. Fetus. It’s now available to preorder, at 10% off until it launches. It will regularly cost $20, but the discount brings it down to $18.

The date is only for the Epic Games Store, and the trailer was released through Epic’s channel, so other platform release targets have not yet been announced. No release date has been given on Switch, so it appears the plans to release first on Switch may have changed. This may be a timed exclusivity period, which could mean we’ll see it appear on Steam and consoles sometime next year.

Super Meat Boy Forever makes some changes from the first game, most notably that it’s an auto-runner. That means Meat (and now, Bandage Girl) will always move at top speed, and you’ll be responsible for timing your jumps, kicks, and slides. But don’t worry; it’s still hard as hell.

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