Street Fighter V Adds Skullomania Costume This Week


Street Fighter V Adds Skullomania Costume This Week

Street Fighter V is getting another Street Fighter EX and Fighting EX Layer costume, and this time players will be able to dress G up as the skeleton-suited superhero Skullomania. The cult classic brawler’s outfit can be earned through Street Fighter V’s Extra Battle mode, which allows players to spend the in-game currency of Fight Money to participate in matches and win Skullomania’s iconic costume from December 8-23.

This isn’t the first time that Street Fighter EX/Fighting EX Layer costumes have been available in Street Fighter V. In September this year players could battle it out for a chance to dress Ryu up as the demonically-powered Kairi, while November added a Blair Dame outfit for Cammy.

A fan favorite, Skullomania’s last appearance as a playable character was in 2018’s Fighting EX Layer and SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy as a gender-swapped version of the showboating hero.

More DLC characters are also on the way for Street Fighter V, such as the overconfident Dan Hibiki, Street Fighter IV‘s Rose, one-armed hermit Oro from Street Fighter III, Akira Kazama from Rival Schools, and a mystery fifth character. Extra stages, costumes for the additional characters, new battle balance tweaks, and more will be added.

Street Fighter V’s updates will continue without executive producer Yoshinori Ono at the helm, as he recently announced his departure from Capcom after a career that spanned two decades.