State Of Decay 2 Update Includes New Xbox Series X|S Optimizations


State Of Decay 2 Update Includes New Xbox Series X|S Optimizations

Developer Undead Labs has announced that State of Decay 2 on Xbox Series S and Series X has been optimized, alongside the launch of some other year-end updates and content.

State of Decay 2 players on Xbox Series S and Series X can now enjoy the benefits of the newer hardware. This includes faster load times, improved world and shadow detail, and other graphical enhancements. Both consoles will also run at 60 fps and up to 4K resolution.

A feature coming to all State of Decay 2 players is Lethal difficulty, which further reduces the resources in the open-world, makes enemies hit way harder, and increases the deadliness of blood plague. Lethal difficulty also causes plague hearts to grow faster, and there’s no guarantee of safety after one has been destroyed. Furthermore, the special “freak” zombies, malformed zombies that take on unique attributes and characteristics, have been replaced with a souped-up blood plague variant. Of course, Lethal difficulty settings can be mixed and matched with Custom difficulty, so players can fine-tune their State of Decay 2 experience.

Players can also pick up the Stay Frosty Pack for free for a limited time. The pack adds a bunch of holiday-themed items like winter-camouflage weapons and outfits. There’s also a brand-new Maintenance Bench facility mod that players can use to increase weapon durability.

While Undead Labs is continuing to improve State of Decay 2, the developer confirmed that State of Decay 3 will launch on PC and Xbox Series X (and presumably Series S, which wasn’t announced at the time). The studio shared a reveal trailer confirming the game is underway, though no release date or window has been announced yet.

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