Star Wars: Squadrons Update 4.0 Adds Two New Ships, Full Patch Notes Detailed


Star Wars: Squadrons Update 4.0 Adds Two New Ships, Full Patch Notes Detailed

Star Wars: Squadrons Update 4.0 Adds Two New Ships, Full Patch Notes DetailedPlayers can pilot a B-Wing or TIE Defender in this new Star Wars: Squadrons update.

Developer EA Motive has dropped a new update for Star Wars: Squadrons on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The free batch of content, all part of Update 4.0, adds new ships, fixes bugs, and introduces custom matches, among other things. The patch notes are outlined below.

Two new ships are available to pilot: the New Republic’s B-Wing bomber and the TIE Defender starfighter on the Empire’s side. While both ships will be able to use all the components found within their respective classes, the two do have unique aspects about them. The B-Wing has a gyro-cockpit and swiveling wings while the TIE Defender has enhanced shielding. This will help differentiate the two ships from the plethora of other available bombers and starfighters.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi variants will also be available.Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi variants will also be available.

Perhaps one of the most attention-grabbing additions of Update 4.0 for Star Wars: Squadrons is the introduction of custom matches to its online multiplayer. This feature works just as expected. Players can set up matches with their friends on any one of the seven available maps, applying modifiers and restrictions to create a truly custom gameplay experience. On top of custom matches, EA Motive is also adding a custom match server browser, where players can sift through various private matches created by friends and strangers alike.

Update 4.0 also addresses a bunch of bugs. This includes fixing issues with server-side matchmaking, improving input detection for better responsiveness, and ironing out user interface problems. Further, there are some gameplay updates and even more cosmetics.

Update 4.0 comes not long after EA Motive released a patch for Star Wars: Squadrons in late-November that added the brand-new map Fostar Haven. This expansive and open-ended map is inspired by Squadrons’ prologue and is playable in both Dogfight and Fleet Battles.

Star Wars: Squadrons Update 4.0 Patch Notes


    Added Custom Games and a server browser, available in the Multiplayer & Training menuAdjusted Skill Rating requirements for each tier via server-side change last week (see below for full details)Updated Skill Rating gain/loss ratios to better reflect each player’s performance in a match via server-side change last weekOngoing server-side matchmaking improvementsFixed an issue where the game could crash if the player didn’t skip through the outro screens of a matchFixed an issue where the game could crash when loading into Fostar HavenFixed an issue where having Lighting quality set to Low could create intense flashes of light on Fostar HavenFixed an issue where AI in multiplayer could on occasion deal no hull damage to players with their primary weaponsFixed or improved instances of poor collision detection on Fostar Haven, Galitan, Esseles, Nadiri Dockyards, Zavian Abyss, and SissuboFixed issue where the interior of the TIE interceptor could disappear after respawningFixed issue where Star Destroyer engine VFX could flickerFixed an issue where PlayStation 5 visuals appeared blurry.


    Fixed an issue where at times players could not see their own stats on the Career page


    Added support for TrackIR on PCImproved how the game detects and handles device inputs under the same device nameFixed an issue where the game would not detect all input devices if multiple were plugged inFixed issue where PC users with more than 5 input devices were unable to adjust device order in some casesAdded controller rumble for ion cannon, assault shield, and beam cannonFixed an issue where the mini-stick input on the Hori HOTAS for Xbox One did not work properlyAdded the option to toggle game controllers between dynamic (default) and static throttle. This option can be used to correct the behavior of the throttle on certain input devices, such as the Hori HOTAS for PS4.

Cosmetic Customization

    Added new cosmetics that will be rolled out over time through in-game events and OperationsImproved lighting for dashboard figures where neededFixed issue where an Astromech-shaped hole could appear in the decorative UI elements around the “Powerful Ally” X-wing skin

Fleet Battles

    Fixed an issue where on occasion no indicator would display after a capital ship was destroyedReduced the max time waiting in the briefing room from 120 seconds to 90 secondsFixed an issue where Titan One could have a hologram effect on their legs in the briefing room


    Fixed an issue where there was no UI indicator on some spawned New Republic squadrons


    Friends will now display in alphabetical order for easier useImproved the loading time of the friends list for players with many friends


    Fixed an issue where all the players could appear as the same one in the intro cinematic

Starfighters And Components

    Added the B-wing to the New Republic fleet

      Heavy Gunship playstyle, back-line fighterLow maneuverability, relies on boosting/drifting to move and turn efficientlyHigh durability and primary damage output, explosive capital ship damage and built-in ion cannonsRelies on Support/allies to reach capital ships and survive while dealing damageIdeal for staying back behind Fighters/Interceptors and laying down heavy fire on enemy shipsUnique component: Ion Beam

        Deals massive ion damage to capital ship shields and subsystems

      Unique component: Gyro/Aux Control Module

        Allows gyroscopic cockpit roll while holding the auxiliary button, rotating the entire ship around your cockpit. Wing angle determines bomb release angle. Missile evasion is also increased while gyroscopic roll is in motion.Also increases ammo count for auxiliaries that use ammo; otherwise, improves auxiliary cooldown rate.

    Added the TIE defender to the Imperial NavyDeployable turrets (both standard and rocket) now display their DPS.

      Highly adaptable anti-starfighter specialist, front- and mid-line fighterHigh survivability with strong shields but very susceptible to ion weaponryRequires frequent, skillful power management and use of boost/drift for ideal performance; poor power management can be detrimentalUnique component: Advanced Power System

        Gives instant, significant overcharge to the system with max power. If no system has max power, gives weaker overcharge across all systems.
    Fixed an issue where a rocket could have no effect on impactWe’ve updated the Deployable Turret’s description to be clearer on how it functions in-gameFixed an issue where there could be no reloading sound effect for componentsTactical Shield and Emergency Shield are now displayed on the targeting computer around the starfighter in New Republic ships (already present for Imperial starfighters) instead of on the status indicator to allow for side by side comparison between the temporary shield and regular shields when cycling allies or enemiesReduced A-wing shield regeneration rate by approximately 1/3The Rotary Cannon no longer consumes laser power during its windupFixed an issue where a starfighter’s movement could become jerky while firing the Rotary CannonReduced Ion Missile travel speed from 400m/s to 240m/s to fall in line with other missilesFixed an issue where players could exploit power converter penalties and reset them when setting power management to BalancedPlayers now take +50% damage if they are hit while charging the Plasburst Cannon to enforce its role as a “chase” weapon rather than a “jousting” weaponImproved VFX clarity when the Plasburst Cannon is fully chargedFixed issue where beam VFX could disappear if the player repeatedly tapped the buttonFixed an issue where the starfighter disabled effects would not show up correctly in the U-wingFixed an issue where starfighters could hit a negative turning rateIncreased Piercing Torpedo inner blast radius from 2 to 14 to allow it to deal more consistent damage.


    Fixed an issue where the game could load infinitely as Mission 1 endedFixed an issue where some players couldn’t progress past the objective to “Follow Gunny” in Mission 1Fixed an issue where the drifting tutorial couldn’t be completed with arrow keys on PC in Mission 3.

User Interface

    Individual sub-tiers in the rank ladder now display their SR requirementsFixed an issue where the defeated player’s username would display very small in the kill camFixed an issue where text would inconsistently display as outlined when it shouldn’tFixed an issue where the prompt to leave the briefing room could continue into the intro cinematic and game”Recenter HMD” VR input is now appropriately displayed on the PC controls screenAdded a few new loading screen tips related to the new content.


    Fixed an issue where ships could pop into view midway through the hangar enter/exit cinematics while playing in VRFixed an issue where doubled images could occur when tracking points in PSVR while rotating the in-game camera.


    Fixed an issue where the player could load into Esseles instead of Fostar Haven when playing against AI.

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