Star Wars: Squadrons — Here’s When It Unlocks


Star Wars: Squadrons — Here’s When It Unlocks

Star Wars: Squadrons lets you jump into the cockpit of the iconic film franchise’s starfighters and engage in dogfights against other squadrons, take down capital ships, and more. The game is less than a day away now, but when exactly can you expect your preorder to unlock?

According to EA Community Manager Andrew Johnson on Twitter, that depends partly on your platform of choice. If you’re playing on PS4 or Xbox One, or through EA’s own Origin store, it’s very easy and straightforward. Your copy will unlock at midnight in your respective timezone.

For Steam and Epic, though, the game will unlock at one single time regardless of your time zone. That will be midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). That means that most of the PC community will have it unlock simultaneously, instead of a rolling start across different time zones.

Star Wars: Squadrons Steam/Epic Unlock Times

    Midnight UTC (Friday, Oct 2)8 PM ET (Thursday, Oct 1)5 PM PT (Thursday, Oct 1)1 AM BST (Friday, Oct 2)10 AM AEST (Friday, Oct 2)

Star Wars: Squadrons has a story campaign that will last you roughly eight hours, with the multiplayer dogfighting combat serving as the main draw after that. Reviews so far have been mostly positive, including GameSpot’s own Star Wars: :Squadrons early impressions based on the campaign content. A full review is on the way once critic Edmond Tran has put the multiplayer through its paces. For more details on goodies you can snag for buying it within these last few hours before it goes live, check out our Star Wars: Squadrons preorder guide.

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