Sony Accidentally Reveals PS5’s New Trophy-Tracking Feature


Sony Accidentally Reveals PS5’s New Trophy-Tracking Feature

If you enjoy hunting for platinum Trophies on your PS4, you know how frustrating it can be when you don’t know how far you are from slaying 10,000 zombies, or collecting the 100 widgets you need for the last trophy. Now, a French PlayStation Blog post seems to confirm that the PS5 will have in-depth trophy tracking–though the language has since been removed from the post.

If you aren’t familiar, this trophy-tracking would presumably work similarly to the enhanced achievement tracking that came to the Xbox One back in 2017. That update added a new menu that allows players to easily see how far they are from completing any given achievement in a game, as well as the relative rarity of each one.

Obviously, this feature isn’t quite confirmed yet, but given the fact that it was leaked by an official PlayStation source, it’s likely to happen. Other new features confirmed by Sony for the PS5 include haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in the new DualSense controller and a solid-state drive right out of the gate. We’ve reached out to Sony for details on this new trophy-tracking feature.

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