Snoop Dogg Has An Xbox Series X Fridge Loaded With Gin And Juice


Snoop Dogg Has An Xbox Series X Fridge Loaded With Gin And Juice

When the Xbox Series X was first announced, the memes began almost immediately. Its design resembles a PC tower, or at least that appears to be Microsoft’s goal, but it also looks like a refrigerator. The company has fully leaned into the joke, however, and presented Snoop Dogg with a working Xbox Series X fridge.

In a video deleted from Snoop Dogg’s Instagram but saved by deals guru Wario64 on Twitter, the rapper showed off the fridge’s design. It features a glowing Xbox logo that looks like the power button on the real console. Inside, Xbox stocked it with an Xbox Series X cake for his birthday, which was earlier this week. There is also gin and juice, for obvious reasons, and even some Xbox necklaces.

We’re going to assume that unlike the actual console, you can’t turn the fridge on its side–at least not without spilling everything inside.

“It’s in the game,” Snoop Dogg added at the end of the video. Aside from any embargo issues, this line may have been why he pulled it from his page. It’s the slogan for EA Sports, and has nothing to do with Microsoft.

Snoop Dogg is no slouch in the kitchen, himself. He is pals with Martha Stewart, and has even released his own cookbook.

The real Xbox Series X and Series S won’t be able to keep your food cold, but they will be available on November 10. You can check out our preorder guide for information on how to purchase the console, accessories, games, and more.