SNK MVSX Will Seemingly Support Adding Extra Neo Geo Games


SNK MVSX Will Seemingly Support Adding Extra Neo Geo Games

The SNK MVSX–a licensed home arcade version of the Neo Geo MVS with 50 built-in games–was announced last month from Unico, and it includes major franchises such as King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, and Samurai Shodown. However, it looks like the 50 games you get out of the box won’t be the only games available on the system, as more titles are releasing for the MVSX next year.

MVSX sales manager Ben Herman, who also happened to serve as president of SNK Playmore for several years, posted on his LinkedIn profile that he would also be representing the publisher Visco in order to bring its lineup of Neo Geo MVS games to the MVSX in 2021. Game add-ons have not been officially confirmed for the MVSX before, and this would seemingly open the door for more of SNK’s own games to be added in the future via USB. There are several big games missing from the 50-game lineup, including King of the Monsters and Blazing Star.

The Neo Geo MVSX is a counter-cade system that can be made full-size with an optional base. It includes a light-up marquee that features cover art for several of the included games, just as the original MVS had card slots for arcade owners to show off the cartridges they had inside.

It’s due to release in November, with pre-orders beginning soon. Purchasing the system and base together costs $500. You can see a full game list here and can sign up for notifications on pre-orders at the official website. Some of the games are also available via Prime Gaming this month on PC.