Skyrim Build Ideas: The Werewolf – Perks, Items, and Roleplay Ideas For New Playstyle


Skyrim Build Ideas: The Werewolf – Perks, Items, and Roleplay Ideas For New Playstyle

In the wide fantasy world of Skyrim, players have the freedom to become anything they want. Interestingly enough, this also includes a couple of different transformations like the powerful Vampire Lord, and fierce Lycanthrope.

Today, we will be going over all of the details regarding playing a Werewolf in Skyrim, including how to become one, must-have perks, and even some items to make the most of your new abilities.

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To start off, how does one become a werewolf in Skyrim? To do this, you actually need to complete the majority of the Companion’s questline. Towards the end, you will be rewarded with Lycanthrope blood and will drink in order to trigger the transformation within yourself.

Another way to become a werewolf (in a more roundabout sort of way) is to begin the Daedric Quest “Ill Met by Moonlight.” The NPC Sinding will give the player the Cursed Ring of Hircine, which causes the player to randomly transform into a werewolf, even if they are not a lycanthrope already.

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This ring is interesting, as it presents a unique roleplay opportunity in the vanilla game. If you want to roleplay as a werewolf who is not fully in control of their transformations and newfound abilities, keeping the ring instead of completing the quest might be a good idea. Another option is the Moonlight Tales mod by Brevi, which adds a ton of content over the vanilla Skyrim werewolf.

In order to advance as a werewolf, you need to have the Dawnguard DLC which grants players access to the Werewolf skill tree. Feasting on the hearts of your enemies will allow you to make progress towards these perks, and you should make sure to grab the following:

    Bestial Strength (all four levels) Animal Vigor Totem of Terror or the Moon

Any of the Totems will actually work, but the two noted above are arguably the best for combat. Totem of Terror will provide a bit more crowd control in a tight situation, while Totem of the Moon summons another werewolf to fight with you (which is just plain cool.)

The other two perks Gorging and Savage Feeding don’t provide too much in the way of combat buffs but are good utility perks to grab as you begin to have extra perk points. Savage Feeding can be a good perk early on, as it allows the players to feed on creatures and not just humans. This means you can level up those abilities that much quicker.

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That about wraps up just everything you need to know about playing a werewolf in Skyrim. Make sure to tune back here for more build ideas, and the latest Skyrim news.