Sifu Gets New Update Next Week, Adds Gameplay Modifiers And Scoring System

Developer Sloclap has revealed that Sifu‘s summer update is launching on August 31. The update adds several new features to the action beat-’em-up game, including gameplay modifiers, a scoring system, and more outfits.

The new gameplay modifiers can both make Sifu a whole lot easier or more difficult. You could, for instance, make Sifu more approachable by giving yourself infinite health or unbreakable weapons, or really test your skills by removing respawns or reducing the protagonist’s max health to one hit point.

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You can mix and match modifiers to your heart’s content. Using the ones that make the game easier will prevent you from earning Trophies, however.

If turned on, the new scoring system allows you to work towards a letter grade with each encounter. The system takes into account your successful combos and finishers, as well as how often you’re hit. But there’s more to this system than the bragging rights.

“Getting high scores will unlock some extra content such as outfits or new gameplay modifiers,” Sloclap marketing manager Felix Garczynski said at a Sifu preview event. “For example, the bullet time mode or the low gravity–options that are really just for fun–will be unlocked through the scoring system.”

As for outfits, the summer update adds both the Enforcer Armor and Master Hand. The former is only unlocked if you buy the Deluxe Edition of Sifu, while the latter is available for everyone. Notably, the Master Hand has gameplay ramifications, dressing the protagonist up in a stylish coat and hat. The hat will only stay on your head as long as you haven’t been hit, however, so the only way to keep the hat on for the entire game is to make it through Sifu’s entire story without suffering a single blow.

Sifu will be getting a winter update as well, which adds combat arenas for you to complete. “[Arenas] are actually going to add a big chunk of gameplay that players will be able to unlock through in-game progression-based objectives. And each arena, which will showcase new environments that were not used before in Sifu, will offer its own specific objectives for players to complete, and completing the arenas will actually also unlock more in-game content.”

Garczynski added that Sifu won’t be getting any post-launch story expansions, as the team thinks the end of the game is a satisfying conclusion to Sifu. “It wouldn’t feel right to add more narrative content,” he said.

That said, Garczynski did tease that Sloclap is working on Sifu ports that will bring the game to other platforms. He didn’t say which, only that players will learn more about these ports in the coming months. For now, Sifu is available for PS5, PS4, and PC.

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