Sci-Fi Mystery RPG Woodsalt Revealed Ahead Of Release Next Month


Sci-Fi Mystery RPG Woodsalt Revealed Ahead Of Release Next Month

UK indie developer Team Woodsalt has revealed a trailer and release date for first game, Woodsalt, and it looks pretty interesting. The game, which is coming to PC and Switch on October 13, is an RPG that eschews fetch quests and bloat in favor of a focused narrative experience, featuring multiple potential endings.

You play as Emcy, a man who awakens from a 1000-year slumber to find himself on Nu-Terra, a bubbled city of the future. You will, ultimately, be able to save this world from a potential awful fate.

The trailer, below, shows off the game’s art style and some of the darker turns the story can take–there’s a spooky image in here of the main character impaled by a rebar, although the press release GameSpot was sent promises that the game “speaks to the chilled-out at heart”.

Team Woodsalt cites 90s JRPGs and adventure games as inspiration for their debut game.

You’ll be able to wander around Nu-Terra, meeting people and helping them solve their problems–but since the game is focused on narrative choices, it’ll likely be possible to make things worse for them, too. The trailer promises that there are no right or wrong answers to any of the choices you’re presented with, and there are multiple endings to unlock.

The game is being developed in the UK, and will cost £20. Pricing for other regions has not been announced yet.