Samsung Reveals A New 110 Inch TV


Samsung Reveals A New 110 Inch TV

If you’ve just upgraded to a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you may be looking for a fancy new TV to go with it. Granted, Samsung’s newly revealed 110-inch MicroLED TV is probably out of most people’s price range for a new TV, but it’s still worth gawking at.

With most consumer-model TVs maxing out around a generous 85 inches, Samsung’s new MicroLED is pushing how big TVs can get, at a huge 110 inches. The new model is one of the smaller applications of Samsung’s MicroLED TV technology, a system that until recently has mostly been for industrial use. The technology was first seen in consumer products with Samsung’s Wall, a humongous 292-inch screen made from modular panels that require professional installation.

The new TV is a downsized version of the Wall, boasting the same LED technology in a smaller package and–more importantly–ready straight out of the box without a complicated installation. The 110″ MicroLED is a 4K HDR screen, integrating AI software to boost picture quality. It’s also taken a step further in the ongoing war on TV bezels, with a 99.99% screen-to-body ratio.

Gamers get a shoutout in the TV press release, with Samsung suggesting they might like to take advantage of the TV’s ability to function as four split 55-inch screens to “stream a walkthrough while playing a video game.”

The only downside is the price–the 110-inch TV will set you back a whopping $156,000. While the new MicroLED system may be the future of TV tech, for now it’s still well beyond the average consumer’s budget.

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