Rocket League Season 2 Now Live, Full Patch Notes Listed


Rocket League Season 2 Now Live, Full Patch Notes Listed

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Rocket League Season 2 Now Live, Full Patch Notes ListedRocket League Season 2 has officially begun, adding the R3MX and Neon Fields to the game.

Rocket League Season 2 is now live and it brings a host of changes to the game about supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-cars. Season 2 adds a new battle car and arena, as well as player anthems.

The new battle car is the R3MX, unlocked in the first level of the Rocket Pass. The R3MX possesses the Hybrid hitbox, so it strikes the ball similarly to battle cars like the Venom and X-Devil. Meanwhile the new arena, Neon Fields, is a colorful field that reacts to the music being played during the match.

Neon Fields interacts with Rocket League Radio and each individual player's player anthem, reacting to songs as they play.Neon Fields interacts with Rocket League Radio and each individual player’s player anthem, reacting to songs as they play.

Really, music is the overall theme of Season 2. For example, several new goal explosions, battle car decals, wheels, and boosts in the Rocket Pass all relate to music. This theme most comes through in the brand-new player anthems. You can now assign yourself a player anthem, a song that will play when you score a goal, get an epic save, or earn MVP for a match.

For the full list of changes implemented in Season 2, check out the patch notes. We’ve listed them below.

Rocket League Season 2 Patch NotesSeason 2

    Live Now
      Season 2 is live on all platformsSeason 2 Rocket Pass, featuring the new R3MX car, has begun
        R3MX uses the Hybrid hitbox


      Season 2 Tournaments are now available
        New Tournament Rewards and Titles have been added

      Tournament player population cap has been significantly increased

        We will continue to add more capacity and additional support per region over time

      Changes and Updates

        Previewing an item when a Tournament finishes will no longer hide a player’s Tournament SummaryThe Tournaments card no longer says “Joinable” after the player has signed up”Checking In…” message now has a clear time-out state


      Stage 1 Challenges for Season 2 are now livePlayers now need to complete 22 or more of 24 Challenges to earn the Season Challenge Reward


      Season 2 Competitive has begun3v3 Standard: This season’s soft reset will be less aggressive than Season 1
        Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend Ranks in 3v3 Standard will be slightly easier to reach

      Rumble: Champion I and higher Ranks will be slightly tougher to reach

New Content

    New Arena: Neon Fields
      Neon Fields has been added to the Online Playlists rotation, and can also be used in Private Matches and Free PlayThe new Arena interacts with Rocket League Radio, and Player Anthems for all players in a match

    Player Anthems

      Player Anthems are a new customization option that let you play your favorite music from the Rocket League soundtrack at key moments during a match. Players Anthems play when you:
        Score a goalMake an Epic SaveEarn MVP honors

      To use a Player Anthem, go to Profile > Choose Player AnthemUnder Settings > Audio > Player Anthems, there are three choices:

        Always On: Plays during matches and in Free PlayMatches Only: Only plays during matchesOff: Turns off your anthem and anthems from other players

      Player Anthem volume is controlled by ‘Music – Gameplay’ under Settings > AudioFive Player Anthems are now available to all players from the Rocket League Soundtrack Vol. 1:

        “We Speak Chinese” by Mike Ault and Abandoned Carnival”Love Thru The Night” (feat. Morgan Perry) by Mike Ault”I Can Be” (feat. Crysta) by Mike Ault”Flying Forever” (feat. Morgan Perry) by Mike Ault”Angel Wings” (feat. Avianna Acid) by Mike Ault

    Season 1 Competitive Rewards

      Season 1 Competitive has ended. Season Reward Items and Titles will be awarded for your highest Rank achieved during the season, and successful completion of the appropriate Season Reward Levels.Season 1 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable, universal Decals
        Bronze I or higher: S1 – BronzeSilver I or higher: S1 – SilverGold I or higher: S1 – GoldPlatinum I or higher: S1 – PlatinumDiamond I or higher: S1 – DiamondChampion I or higher: S1 – ChampionGrand Champion I or higher: S1 – Grand ChampionSupersonic Legend: S1 – Supersonic Legend

      Grand Champion Titles (in Crimson text)

        Competitive Grand Champion: S1 GRAND CHAMPIONRumble Grand Champion: S1 RNG CHAMPHoops Grand Champion: S1 DUNK MASTERSnow Day Grand Champion: S1 BLIZZARD WIZARDDropshot Grand Champion: S1 FLOOR DESTROYER

      Supersonic Legend Titles (in Titanium White text)


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