Rocket Arena Season 2 Adds An Adorable Magic-Wielding Woodland Critter


Rocket Arena Season 2 Adds An Adorable Magic-Wielding Woodland Critter

EA’s quirky 3v3 hero shooter Rocket Arena launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to a lukewarm response back in July, and since then the developer Final Strike Games has continued to refine it through its debut season. Rocket Arena Season 2 begins this week and includes new limited-time events, challenges, rewards, and a new PvE mode.

A new hero is also being added to the roster in the form of Leef, who Final Strike Games describes as “an elfin critter rumored to be from Crater’s fabled Realm of the Ancients” can use magic and his tiny wingman Flitt to deal damage to opponents. Once Leef has landed a number of shots, he’ll be able to unleash a charged beam attack that can pass through multiple enemies at once, repeatedly damaging anyone caught in its trail.

Leef may be a glass cannon, but he can evade enemies with his omnidirectional Warp Dash that lets him bend around cover or dart through opponents. Other changes coming to Rocket Arena include a playlist that pits players against AI-controlled enemies and new bot type AIs for Jayto, Blastbeard, Amphora, and Izell.

Play vs AIPlay vs AI

A new PvE mode called Bot Knockout will be added, where competitor bots can participate as either teammates or opponents and Bot Heroes join in if matchmaking is unavailable. The max character level is being raised to 125, daily and weekly challenges are being increased, and the dodge ability has also been enhanced, allowing for omnidirectional movement.

That fella's dynamiteThat fella’s dynamite

There’ll be three new artifacts to collect, which provide passive bonuses to characters they are equipped to. Desolation Rounds deal increased damage when the dodge ability is not on cooldown, Bottomless Box gives a higher chance of a reward when an enemy is knocked out, and Spare Fuel Tank grant a brief damage resistance after a player takes a stun break.

All players will receive the Forest Flow Leef skin and will immediately unlock the Dr. Beardson and Getaway Driver Rev outfits if they purchase the Season 2 Blast Pass, as well as the Missing Flyers Megablast VFX Trail. Gameplay changes to Flux, Jayto, and Mysteen will also be introduced. If you’re interested in trying out Rocket Arena, you can grab yourself a free copy on PC if you subscribe to Amazon Prime. Until October 10, Rocket Arena’s standard edition will be free via Prime Gaming.

Dr. Beardson and Getaway Driver Rev outfits Dr. Beardson and Getaway Driver Rev outfits

All you have to do to claim the game is log in to your Amazon Prime account at Prime Gaming and you’ll receive a product code that can be redeemed in the Origin launcher or on The code does have an expiration date of November 9. Alternatively, you can always buy Rocket Arena, which has dropped recently in price from $30 down to $5.

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