Rocket Arena Is Already Free On PC If You Have Amazon Prime


Rocket Arena Is Already Free On PC If You Have Amazon Prime

It’s been just under two months since Rocket Arena, EA’s colorful 3v3 hero shooter, released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to very little fanfare. In that time span, we’ve seen the game drop from $30 to just $5 and get a free-play weekend on Xbox One and Steam. Now, you can already grab yourself a free copy on PC if you subscribe to Amazon Prime. From now until October 10, you can claim Rocket Arena’s standard edition for free via Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime) and get a copy for Origin. To claim Rocket Arena, simply log into your Amazon Prime account at Prime Gaming. You’ll receive a product code that can be redeemed in the Origin launcher or on The code expires November 9, so be sure to redeem it before then.

Rocket Arena combines the hero shooter aspects of Overwatch with the ring-out mechanic of Super Smash Bros. and a cartoonish Fortnite-inspired art style. Each character–of which there are currently 11–has their own signature abilities and rocket types, and the goal is to knock your foes off the map rather than deal damage to take them out. The game has multiple modes, including the main Knockout mode, a Rocketball mode that has two teams compete to score a “rocketball” into the opposing team’s goal, a Mega Rocket mode that’s essential King of the Hill, and more. With each season of the game, new heroes, maps, events, and rewards will be added–Season 1 is currently ongoing.

The game earned a “fair” 6/10 in GameSpot’s Rocket Arena review. Critic Alessandro Barbosa enjoyed the game’s physics and rocket jumps as well as its variety of characters and abilities to master, but he felt its cooperative combos and game modes were lacking.

“Rocket Arena’s approach to being a more approachable shooter, from its colorful, whimsical characters to its forgiving rocket launcher mechanics, makes it easy to appreciate at first glance. Its frenetic mix of explosive-based shooting and easy-to-understand character abilities let you start having fun fast, but its lack of depth and uninteresting modes don’t maintain the momentum,” he wrote. “Rocket Arena undermines its main rocket-jumping hook by making the strategy meaningless amongst its other mechanics, and its shooting grows stale in the process. There’s limited fun to be had with its frenetic and fast shooting action, but it’s lacking strong lasting appeal.”

If you decide to head over to Prime Gaming and give Rocket Arena a shot while it’s free, be sure to check out the 30+ other games that are currently free to own for Prime members right now, including SNK classics like Sengoku 3, Metal Slug 2, and SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.

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