Rey Mysterio Reveals His Retirement Plans After Signing a New Deal With WWE


Rey Mysterio Reveals His Retirement Plans After Signing a New Deal With WWE

Rey Mysterio recently revealed his plans regarding retirement. One of the most iconic guys in WWE’s history is perfectly aware that his body is slowly going to lose certain abilities, meaning that he would need to withdraw from wrestling at some point.

After a comeback to the ring, Mysterio once again animated his massive fanbase. Apart from him, his son Dominik and daughter Aalyah, are also involved in competing in the WWE, which makes Mysterio’s legacy even greater.

Once his son officially became a part of the organization, many believed that the older Mysterio would leave wrestling for good. In some interviews, Dominik himself hinted that his father might “pass the torch,” as he literally said. That made many of Mysterio’s fans pretty uncomfortable, but there is no need for them to have any fears for at least a couple of more years after recent news.

The wrestler stated that he doesn’t plan to wrestle beyond 50 years, which leaves him a good five more seasons to compete. Mysterio said that his body is feeling just fine at the moment and that he doesn’t have any specific issues. The superstar from California is using various treatments and therapies for recovering, including, hyperbaric chambers, cryo chambers, STEM cells, etc.

Mysterio was very clear when adding that he only wants to retire in WWE and not some other organizations. This statement put an end to all the speculations concerning his departure to AEW, which appeared in the news.

When receiving a question about a potential retirement match, Mysterio answered that he hadn’t really thought about it, especially about his opponent in that spectacle. There are plenty of possible candidates for that, but right now, it seems that his focus is on the upcoming challenges.

The 45-year old just inked a new three-year contract with WWE before revealing these thoughts on his future. If he wants to wrestle until 50 years, the organization will have to add some extension to this deal.

It will be interesting to see him and Dominik fighting their way together through the competition. Aalyah is still not a part of WWE in terms of being officially signed, but that might change in the near future. Such a scenario would open possibilities for seeing various spectacles.