Respawn Announces Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5 Launch Date

Apex Legends Mobile‘s developers have announced the game’s next battle pass will arrive next week. Though the new seasonal battle pass has not yet been named, Respawn has confirmed that Season 2: Distortion will end on August 23 at 4:59 PM PT / 7:59 PM ET, with Season 2.5 launching one minute later.

The announcement was made on Twitter, but a separate announcement appeared in the game itself, and contains a little more information about what to expect in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5. While patch notes are unlikely to be released until next week, we do have some information on the changes that will hit Apex Legends Mobile when the new battle pass arrives.

New Seasonal Store and new Seasonal Currency

Just like Season 1.5: Cold Snap, Season 2.5 will include a new battle pass and an updated Seasonal Store with a new type of Seasonal Currency: Hyperbeat Coins. This means that all Seasonal Currency accumulated during the first half of the season will disappear when Season 2.5 goes live.

Seasonal Currency is earned by completing various challenges and events, and can be used to redeem items from the Seasonal Shop. The Seasonal Shop will also be getting an entirely new set of cosmetics next week, so now is your chance to complete any unfinished Distortion battle pass challenges, claim your XP rewards, and redeem any Seasonal Shop cosmetics you’ve had your eye on. Don’t forget that Mission Cards can be used to complete challenges you don’t have the time or desire to attempt.

Another great way to nab some last-minute Seasonal Currency is by participating in the last Pro Mode event of this season, which runs from August 22 – 23, ending one minute before Season 2.5 goes live. The new Pro Mode event will consist of challenges that must be completed in Team Deathmatch Mode. Pro Mode challenges are generally pretty simple, and are an excellent way to get a good amount of Seasonal Currency with minimal effort, especially when you’re short on time.

An in-game announcement details some upcoming changes to the game.An in-game announcement details some upcoming changes to the game.Mission Card makeover

Speaking of Mission Cards, one of the upcoming changes to Apex Legends Mobile will cause Mission Cards to function similarly to Seasonal Currency. Previously, Mission Cards carried over between seasons. But starting next week, Mission Cards will become tied to the season in which they are obtained. This means that just like Seasonal Currency, any unused Mission Cards you’ve earned over the last few months will expire once Season 2.5 launches, so make sure you check your Warehouse for any leftover Mission Cards and use them before Distortion comes to an end.

Ranked Mode reset

The current ranked split will end on August 24, with rewards available the same day. An in-game message from the developers reads, “We will be conducting a soft reset in preparation for the next split of Season 2 Ranked play, where bonus Ranked rewards will be up for grabs for those up to the challenge!”

Stay tuned to keep up with the latest Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5 news, and make sure to finish your Distortion battle pass and complete this season’s other challenges before the new battle pass goes live on August 23.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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