Resident Evil Village Spoilers Are Reportedly Floating Around Online


Resident Evil Village Spoilers Are Reportedly Floating Around Online

Following a company hack in November, it seems Capcom has been compromised once again, this time with spoiler information about the upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil Village.

Major details about Village–including the game’s ending, narrative threads for returning characters, and other story details–have reportedly leaked online to message boards and social platforms. None of these are included below, but there appear to be screenshots floating around online, so be wary when searching the game and its communities.

It’s unclear if this breach is related to the hack Capcom suffered in November, in which a hacker group called Ragnar Locker accessed 350,000 pieces of confidential information about the company, its employees, and customers. At the same time as the hack, information about Village was also allegedly uncovered. This includes an unconfirmed April 2021 release window, as well as a supposed September 2021 launch for a Resident Evil battle royale game.

In other Resident Evil news, the PlayStation Store seemingly revealed that Village will support some of PlayStation 5’s features, including taking advantage of the SSD for faster load times.

Resident Evil Village drops in 2021. Though an exact release date has not been announced, Capcom confirmed the game will make its way to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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