Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Adds Legendary Bears This Week To Hunt


Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Adds Legendary Bears This Week To Hunt

Rockstar Games has announced what’s new in Red Dead Online this week, and it includes new legendary bears to hunt down, along with a variety of sales and other events.

But we’re mainly here to talk about bears. Two new legendary bears, the Owiza and Ridgeback Spirit bears are now part of the wildlife in Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online mode.

The Owiza bear can be found near the Dakota River, and Rockstar warns it is easily aggravated, so be careful. Also of note is that this bear is more active at night, and even more so during heavy rain.

The Ridgeback Spirit bear, meanwhile, can be spotted near the Little Creek River. This bear likes to hunt during the day, and you can recognize it by the red stripe running down its back. Like the Owiza bear, the Ridgeback is also very aggressive.

Players can hunt and kill these bears and get free hat up to rank 15 for their efforts. Players can get the same reward by sedating the animal and collecting a sample, for those who prefer less bloodshed.

If you decide to kill the animals, you can bring the pelts to Gus Macmillian to make some cash. Giving pelts to Macmillian also gets you the Owiza and Ridgeback garment sets for purchase so you can wear your kill and show it off around town.

In addition to the bears, here is a full rundown of what’s available in Red Dead Online this week, as written by Rockstar Games:

New In Red Dead Online This Week

    A free Treasure Map will be awarded to all Outlaw Pass owners this weekNew Discounts: 40% off all Vests, Shirts, and the Advanced CameraNew Prime Gaming Benefits: Rewards for a free Bar Theme and Outfit, Accessory or Emote, plus 5,000 Outlaw Pass XP and 10X each of Gin, Brandy, Rum, Baked Beans and Jolly Jack’sOngoing Prime Gaming Benefits: A free Katata Coat, 6,000 Naturalist XP, a free Wilderness Camp, and 5 free Legendary Animal PheromonesAn offer for 50% off an Established or higher Naturalist Role Item will be given to players that complete an act of Rabbit animal control anytime this weekAnd two new Legendary Animals: The Owiza and Ridgeback Spirit Bears are now available to pursue and were last seen around the Dakota River and the Little Creek River, respectively, while a Reward for a free hat up to Rank 15 awaits players that skin or sample eitherAs well as the new Rabbit Vitalism Studies Pamphlet, now available to Naturalists that visit Harriet’s shop

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