Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Features Puppet Operators With Creepy Eyes


Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Features Puppet Operators With Creepy Eyes

Rainbow Six Siege has received more than its fair share of creative or downright strange limited-time modes over the years, and this year’s Halloween event is no different. Unlike 2019’s Halloween event, Doktor’s Curse, which featured heavy horror themes, 2020’s event focuses on the sugary side of the holiday–to disturbing ends.

The mode is called Sugar Fright, and it challenges players to collect candy for their team, either the Tricksters or the Treaters. As the below trailer shows, you aren’t controlling the operators you’re used to–instead, each player pilots a creepy puppet version of a familiar operator. Eliminating your fellow puppets causes them to drop candy, and whichever team collects the most candy wins. Between the dead-eyed operators and the bright wash of colors, it sort of resembles a horror movie directed by Wes Anderson.

In a novel move for Siege, players in Sugar Fright will respawn after being downed, even within the same round. In order to accommodate for this change, Ubisoft announced that leaving the event early will create a 30 minute leave penalty for ranked and unranked playlists, even if you leave during the match summary. This mode apparently also takes place entirely in the candy-addled mind of Siege operator Frost.

The 3.3 patch to Rainbow Six Siege increased the maximum ranged of several shotguns and changed the way that ballistic shields work. Another recent update reworked the operator Tachanka, giving him a hefty new machine gun that doesn’t need to be mounted like a turret, as well as a grenade launcher. The game is also getting some next-gen enhancements when it comes to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, including 4K resolution and 120 frames per second.