PUBG Mobile Has Now Made $3.5 Billion From Microtransactions


PUBG Mobile Has Now Made $3.5 Billion From Microtransactions

PUBG Mobile is a giant success, with research firm SensorTower reporting that the game has now surpassed $3.5 billion in revenue from microtransactions since its release.

The game is growing fast, as the lifetime revenue for the game was estimated to be $3 billion back in July. The game needed just 72 days to add $500 million more, which works out to about $7 million per day.

In 2020 alone, PUBG Mobile has reached $1.8 billion in microtransaction spending. The new numbers for the game cover both the main PUBG Mobile and the Chinese version, which is called Game For Peace.

The biggest market for PUBG Mobile is China, where players have collectively spent $1.9 billion on the game over its lifetime–and that’s on iOS alone. The US is the second biggest market for PUBG Mobile, with Japan following in third.

Regarding platforms, the iOS edition of PUBG Mobile has accounted for 80 percent of microtransaction sales, according to SensorTower. And in terms of its reach, PUBG Mobile has reached 770 million downloads around the world and on all platforms. The game has added 198 million new downloads so far in 2020, SensorTower said.

You can check out the full blog post at SensorTower to learn more about PUBG Mobile’s latest download and sales figures.

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