PS4 Games With PS5 Upgrades Will Apparently Be Marked With A Sticker


PS4 Games With PS5 Upgrades Will Apparently Be Marked With A Sticker

Several games on both Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 will offer free upgrades from their current-gen counterparts, and now we know what it will look like when a PlayStation game is eligible. A look at the box art for Immortals: Fenyx Rising shows a small, unobtrusive sticker along the bottom.

As noted by Wario64 on Twitter, the box art shows a small tag along the bottom, just next to the PEGI rating, saying “PS5 Upgrade Available.” Ubisoft just showed Immortals–the rebranded project once known as Gods & Monsters–at the most recent Ubisoft Forward event. In the process, it announced free upgrades from current-gen to next-gen systems.

The relatively small sticker appears to be a departure from Microsoft’s much larger “Optimized for Xbox Series X” sticker, which will also appear on some cross-gen games. While the PlayStation sticker is a narrow strip across the bottom, the Xbox sticker takes up more room than the PEGI rating itself. That design could change, though, even before the new generation launches.

Microsoft may have more reason to be bold with its system messaging, though, as it will be producing two next-gen Xbox systems with slightly different hardware specs that make them output at different max resolutions. Sony, by comparison, is putting out two PlayStation 5 systems, but as far as the company has indicated, the hardware is identical and the major difference is simply in the lack of disc drive.

Immortals is coming December 3. For more details, check out our Immortals: Fenyx Rising preorder guide.

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