Pokemon-Like Temtem Is Available On PS5 Now In Early Access


Pokemon-Like Temtem Is Available On PS5 Now In Early Access

Temtem, a Pokemon-like RPG that released in early access on Steam earlier this year, has made its way to PS5. The game, which will eventually come to other consoles too, has not hit version 1.0 yet, but it arrives on Sony’s new console in fairly robust form.

This version of Temtem comes with a story campaign, complete with MMO elements. You’ll be able to travel between six islands, training and taming Temtem creatures and fighting against enemies in turn-based battles. You’ll encounter other players as you go, which should make the world feel alive.

A new launch trailer for the game has been released, too, which you can view below.

How extensive the game’s online options are on PS5–and how well battling and trading works–remains to be seen. If you want to make the leap, you can grab the standard version for $40 or the Deluxe Edition for $60.

Right now, the bonuses offered by the Deluxe Edition are a bit slim, although additional cosmetic packs will be added when the game goes live. Right now, it contains:

    Camo Short Hair BandanaCamo Long Hair BandanaCamo FatiguesCamo Rucksack

It’s rare for PlayStation games to release in early access, with no formal program for them in place. MediaMolecule’s Dreams received an early access paid release, and Fortnite was technically in early access until June 2020. The PC version has received some big updates since launch, and was a bit of a sensation when it launched, selling big numbers.

The game is targeting a spring 2021 release on other systems, including the Switch, PS4, and Xbox family of consoles.

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