Pokemon Go’s September To November Community Days Announced

Fall is almost here, and with it, Pokemon Go has announced its community days for September to November. On September 3 and September 11, players will also see special in-game events–the contents of which haven’t been revealed yet, so we’ll have to wait to know what activities are planned.

Fall Pokemon Go Community Days

    Sunday, September 18, 2022Saturday, October 15, 2022Saturday, November 5, 2022 (Community Day Classic)Saturday, November 12, 2022

Pokemon Go’s World Championship will take place from August 18-21 in London. This is the first time the World Championships are being held since 2019. In-game Pokemon GO rewards and activities will accompany the event, including a special 2022 World Championship Pikachu and increased battle set limits.

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Pokemon Go Fest has also been an ongoing event during August, and will end as the month draws to a close on August 27. The Finale event has a free and an $11 paid tier. Both come with special Pokemon encounters, raids, and more–but paying players will get more in-game goodies.

Of course, a special Pikachu is also available as part of this event. Players can encounter a wild Pikachu wearing Shaymin’s scarf, and four habitats with different selections of Pokemon. Five-star raids feature Ultra Beasts, including Buzzwole–the latest playable Pokemon added to the MOBA spin-off, Pokemon Unite.

The 11th season of Pokemon Go, Season of Go, will also conclude on August 31.