Phasmophobia’s Prison Level Is Out Of Beta


Phasmophobia’s Prison Level Is Out Of Beta

Phasmophobia players can now accept contracts in a new medium-sized level–the prison. The new level launched in beta at the end of November, but is now available to all players in the live build of the game.

Because the prison is new, it’ll always be available in the contract selection for the next few updates, giving players more opportunity to get acquainted with the two-level map. The prison joins a selection of maps including several residential houses and farmhouses, a school, and an asylum–still the game’s biggest map.

Phasmophobia is the first game by UK Studio Kinetic Games, which launched in early access this September. The game sees players team up with up to three others to investigate a haunting and try to identify what kind of ghost is causing it. Phasmophobia became a surprise hit after being picked up by numerous Twitch streamers, and ended up taking home the award for Best Debut Game at The Game Awards this month.

While Phasmophobia was originally intended to only spend a short time in early access, that period has been extended due to the amount of interest in the game. The game has a public Trello board showing what future updates are planned or currently being worked on, which says that the next levels Kinetic are planning on adding will be an apartment building and a mansion.

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