Pac-Man: Waka Waka Is An Amazon Alexa Exclusive With Voice Control


Pac-Man: Waka Waka Is An Amazon Alexa Exclusive With Voice Control

The Pac-Man games have been released on practically every system at this point, including consoles, PC, handhelds, and home arcades. However, the little almost-circle that could is making his way to a new platform: Amazon’s Alexa. We truly live in the future.

Available now for select Alexa-enabled devices and best experienced on the Echo Show and other screen-equipped systems such as Fire TV, Pac-Man: Waka Waka is an Alexa Skill that includes 15 different mazes, with more worlds coming in future updates. It appears you will need some sort of screen in order to play it. Classic Pac-Man gameplay is improved with new mechanics and a Frenzy Mode, and the gameplay is voice-controlled for a unique experience.

“For more competitive players, a complete set of special objectives lets gamers collect stars and earn high scores on each level,” the announcement said.

Yes, in order to move Pac-Man, you’ll be talking to your device. You’ll use his native “Wakanese” to do so, with “waka” meaning right, “waki” meaning left, and so on. If you don’t live alone or you have thin walls, you’ll have some explaining to do.

To enable the game, go to the Alexa app and enable the skill. After that, say “Alexa, open Pac-Man” to start playing.

Full access to Pac-Man: Waka Waka requires a $7 monthly subscription to the Waka Club, which also includes access to new worlds as they release. Those playing the free version get five levels of the tutorial world and the first level is each of the other stages, so you don’t necessarily need to pay.

A new Alexa assistant called PAL is also available with Pac-Man: Waka Waka, letting you chat with the liaison and even have him beatbox. It remains to be seen if he can compete with the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Borat as unique Alexa characters.