New Returnal Trailer At The Game Awards Reveals Release Date


New Returnal Trailer At The Game Awards Reveals Release Date

Developer Housemarque showed off a new trailer for its upcoming third-person action roguelike, Returnal, at The Game Awards 2020–and now we know when to expect the game.

Previously announced for PlayStation 5 during Sony’s games showcase for the console, Returnal is now set to hit PS5 on March 19. Check out the new trailer below, which shows off the user interface and some new gameplay.

We previously got some info about what Returnal will entail. After crashing on a shape-shifting world, protagonist Selene has to fight for survival and to attempt to break an ongoing time loop. You’ll collect alien technology to enhance your abilities with each new run through the roguelike, dealing with third-person action that mixes in elements of bullet hell games. Each run will be a test of resource management and shooting skill, as you explore a procedurally generated world with persistent secrets to uncover.

It also sounds like Returnal will have a larger narrative that unfolds between runs, similar to the handling of narrative in Supergiant Games’ phenomenal roguelike, Hades. Selene is seeking lost memories throughout each run which will piece together the story of the strange planet you find yourself on.

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