New Nintendo Switch Model Unlikely To Be Revealed This Year – Report

Nintendo will likely not be announcing any new hardware or the long-rumored Switch Pro console this year, a new report has revealed. According to a new article by Nikkei, Nintendo is currently focused entirely on building Switch consoles with the component parts that it has been able to secure and is aiming to ship 21 million Switch units during the fiscal year that ends in March 2023.

“Normally, we stockpile inventory in the summer to prepare for the year-end sales season, which is at its peak. This summer, we are not able to produce as many as usual,” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said via a VGC translation.

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The company still views the Switch as only being in the middle of its life-cycle, and has diversified the hardware with the smaller Switch Lite model that focuses on pure handheld gaming and the Switch OLED which provides a sharper mobile experience and other quality-of-life updates.

Due in part to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, Switch sales declined this year by 22.9% compared to the previous fiscal year. The system has still been a successful product for Nintendo, and lifetime sales currently sit at 111.08 million units. Nintendo expects that acquiring chips will “gradually improve from late summer towards autumn” and that overall demand for the Switch remains stable across the world.

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