New Mass Effect Debuts At Game Awards


New Mass Effect Debuts At Game Awards

New Mass Effect Debuts At Game AwardsThe Game Awards ended with one more teaser, a look at the next game in the Mass Effect series.

The Game Awards 2020 ended with one more announcement just before the final award, and it was a big one. The show finished with a teaser trailer for the next Mass Effect.

The teaser was vague, consisting mostly of overviews of planets and galaxies against radio chatter about planets being monitored and Reaper indoctrination. It sounds as if it’s going through the history of human space travel, including real-life history. We had only one detailed view of a person, a being on a seemingly isolated area of a planet. It ended with the promise that “Mass Effect Will Continue,” though it did not give a title or release details.

Fans have speculated that the person picking up the N7 armor fragment in the trailer is none other than Liara T’Soni, one of the original Mass Effect party members and a popular character in her own right. She’s accompanied by a few characters in the background, who are hard to make out but appear to be a Salarian, a Krogan, and a Drell.

In a set of follow-up tweets, BioWare project director Michael Gamble said he’s excited to start showing fans their vision for the next Mass Effect. He also suggested the trailer has plenty of secrets to unpack for the devoted fan community that will likely spend the next days scouring it.

This is one of two Mass Effect projects currently in development. The other, a remastered version of the original trilogy, is coming next spring. That was announced on November 7, aka N7 Day.

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