New Cuphead-Themed Switch And Xbox Controllers Release Ahead Of The DLC


New Cuphead-Themed Switch And Xbox Controllers Release Ahead Of The DLC

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course arrives on June 30, and PowerA is celebrating by launching new Xbox and Switch controllers inspired by one of the DLC’s new playable character: Ms. Chalice. The gamepads are officially licensed by Xbox and Nintendo, come with a two-year warranty, and boast an eye-catching two-tone design.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X (Cuphead: Ms. Chalice) $40

The main draw of the PowerA controller is its sleek Cuphead-inspired design. The front of the controller is colored a vibrant yellowish-orange, with a Ms. Chalice cartoon to the left of the D-pad. The back, meanwhile, is a light and bright mint green (as are the analog sticks and D-pad). Beyond its cool design, you’ll find two mappable buttons on the back, a detachable USB cable for charging, and a 3.5mm stereo jack for a headset.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Switch (Cuphead: Ms. Chalice) $55

Unlike the Xbox controller, PowerA offers a wireless version for Switch. It boasts the same colorful design, but now you’ll benefit from Bluetooth 5.0 support and motion controls. There are also LEDs to let you know your player number along with alerts for low batteries. It’s a bit more expensive than its Xbox counterpart, but no doubt the added features are worth an extra $15.

The Delicious Last Course will be available digitally at all the usual storefronts and will run you just eight bucks. However, you’ll need to have the base game to enjoy it–which costs $20 across PSN, the Xbox Store, Steam, and Switch.