MultiVersus Was July 2022’s Best-Selling Game In The US; Switch Outsells PS5

The NPD Group has released its latest monthly sales chart, showing which games and consoles sold the best in the US for July 2022 and shining a light on the overall health of the industry.

In total, spending across games, hardware, and accessories dropped by 9% to $4.18 billion. So far this year, spending has reached $30.5 billion, which is down 10% year-over-year. Only subscription content posted gains in terms of spending for the year thus far.

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For games, MultiVersus was July 2022’s best-selling game overall. It’s a free-to-play title, but fans can purchase the Founder’s packs, and these proved to be very popular. MultiVersus is published by Warner Bros., and the company had a strong July, with Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finishing third (Elden Ring was No. 2 for July 2022).

Another success story for July 2022 was Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which ranked fourth overall for July 2022, despite no digital sales being included. It was July 2022’s best-selling game on Switch.

You can see the list of top-selling games for July 2022 below.

Switching to hardware, total spending rose by 12% to $362 million, though year-to-date spending on hardware dropped by 7% to $2.5 billion. The PS5 was July 2022’s best-selling console on a dollar basis but the Switch sold the most units for July 2022. For 2022 so far, the PS5 also leads for dollar sales and the Switch takes the cake for units.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S saw their dollar sales reach double-digit percentage growth for July 2022 compared to July 2021.

In terms of accessories, spending fell 22% to $148 million for July 2022. The PS5 DualSense midnight black controller was the month’s best-selling accessory.

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As for mobile games, some of July 2022’s best-performing games in the US included Candy Crush Saga, Roblox, Coin Master, Pokemon Go, Evony: The King’s Return, Royal Match, Bingo Blitz, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Jackpot Party, and Homescapes.

Total spending on mobile games saw its “largest decline” so far in 2022 for July 2022. Sensor Tower said the decline is partially attributable to the pandemic getting under control and more and more people heading out into the world instead of playing games on their phone as much as they might have during the height of the pandemic.

July 2022 Best-Selling Games OverallMultiVersusElden RingLego Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaXenoblade Chronicles 3*Call of Duty: VanguardMLB The Show 22^Mario Kart 8*Digimon SurviveMinecraftF1 22Kirby and the Forgotten Land*Super Smash Bros. Ultimate*Animal Crossing: New Horizons*OverwatchPokemon Legends: Arceus*Nintendo Switch Sports*Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarFar Cry 6Call of Duty: Black Ops 3Monster Hunter: Rise

*Digital sales not included

^ Xbox and Switch digital sales not included

Top 10 Games Year-To-Date 2022Elden RingLego Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaPokemon: Legends Arceus*Horizon: Forbidden WestMLB The Show 22^Call of Duty: VanguardGran Turismo 7Kirby and the Forgotten Land*Mario Kart 8*Madden NFL 22

*Digital sales not included

^ Xbox and Switch digital sales not included

12 Months Ending July 2022 Top 10 GamesElden RingCall of Duty: VanguardMadden NFL 22Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl*Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaBattlefield 2042FIFA 22Far Cry 6Pokemon Legends: Arceus*Horizon: Forbidden West

*Digital sales not included

^ Xbox and Switch digital sales not included

July 2022 Top 10 Nintendo GamesXenoblade Chronicles 3*Mario Kart 8*Kirby and the Forgotten Land*Super Smash Bros. Ultimate*Animal Crossing: New Horizons*Pokemon Legends: Arceus*Nintendo Switch Sports*Live A Live*Digimon SurviveMario Party Superstars*

*Digital sales not included

July 2022 Top 10 PlayStation GamesElden RingMLB The Show 22MultiVersusCall of Duty: VanguardMinecraftHorizon: Forbidden WestF1 2022Gran Turismo 7Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesJuly 2022 Top 10 Xbox GamesMultiVersusElden RingCall of Duty: VanguardCall of Duty: Black Ops 3Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaOverwatchCall of Duty: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarF1 2022Forza Horizon 5