Minecraft Mobs Explored: Phantom, A Mob That Lets Players Know They Haven’t Slept In Three Days!


Minecraft Mobs Explored: Phantom, A Mob That Lets Players Know They Haven’t Slept In Three Days!

Minecraft mobs are all slightly different when compared to others, but one of the unique mobs is the Phantom. This mob is significantly different because while they still burn in the day and spawn at night, but they only spawn near a player that hasn’t slept in over three in-game days. This essentially forces the player to sleep at night to avoid these mobs from spawning around you.

The Phantom is a mob in Minecraft that features a unique design with glowing green eyes and blue skin with the skeleton. The Phantom features wings that allow this mob to fly and to dive bomb at the player. The spawning mechanics do differ between the two different versions of Minecraft, the Bedrock edition and the Java edition.

Minecraft Java Edition

In the Java edition, the Phantoms have a few limitations on where and how it can spawn, ranging from how it has to be nighttime or thunderstorming, the player needs to be above sea level, and the local difficulty is greater than a randomly chosen value between 0.0 and 0.3. All of those limitations are in addition to the player having not slept in over three days in-game.

The Phantom spawning is also counted toward the hostile mob cap, but they don’t directly follow it when spawning. Their spawning mechanic is based on the location of players in the world rather than by chance.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, Phantoms can spawn if the player’s Y coordinate is between 1 – 129 while being the most common if the player’s Y coordinate is equal to seventy-five. To spawn, Phantoms must have a light level of seven or less and spawn according to the hostile mob density cap. However, phantoms can spawn only on the surface, and they spawn 20-34 blocks above the spawn location rather than directly at it.

When killed, the Phantoms drop 0 – 2 Phantom Membranes when killed by a player or tamed wolf. In addition to the Phantom Membranes, the Phantoms also drop up to 5 EXP.

The Phantoms attack by dive-bombing the player after circling around at a constant Y-elevation, this leaves a trail of gray smoke while doing so. If hurt or unable to complete the dive-bombing attack, the Phantoms will retreat back to its original elevation.