Microsoft Says Xbox Series X|S Launch Was “Staggering,” Promises More Stock Soon


Microsoft Says Xbox Series X|S Launch Was “Staggering,” Promises More Stock Soon

The Xbox Series X|S consoles released in November and they swiftly sold out. The launch was massive, and it broke records for Microsoft. Along with that, however, comes some pain for those who haven’t been able to get a system yet.

In a blog post, Xbox executive Jerret West said the response to the Series X|S launch was “overwhelming” and “staggering.” West acknowledged the system shortages and told fans they can be assured Microsoft is working on getting more units available soon.

“Your overwhelming response to the launch of Xbox Series X|S has been staggering and heartening at the same time. We can’t wait for everyone who wants to experience gaming on Xbox Series X and Series S to do so and are working with our retail partners to replenish stock as quickly as we can,” West said.

Over the first 24 hours of the Xbox Series X|S launch, Microsoft said it sold more consoles, in more countries, than ever before for a new Xbox console launch. Sales at launch are not always indicative of future results, but it is a strong start regardless.

Also in the blog post, West alluded to how Microsoft is no longer looking at console sales alone as a measure of the health of the Xbox business. West said Microsoft is putting more emphasis on how many people are playing on Xbox and finding new games. In that respect, Xbox is doing very well, even despite the shortages. According to Microsoft, in November 2020 alone, Xbox users spent “billions” of hours playing more than 3,800 different games.

Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service, is also succeeding for Microsoft. The company said usage for Xbox Game Pass is way up in the past year, and the offering will continue to expand in 2021 when it’s released on iOS. Microsoft may also be working on a streaming stick to help grow the appeal of Game Pass.

We might not have to wait long to hear about what’s next for Xbox, as the company has teased some news during The Game Awards on Thursday.

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