Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony Release Joint “Shared Principles” Statement


Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony Release Joint “Shared Principles” Statement

The three major console manufacturers–Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony–have released a statement committing to a set of shared principles. The statement covers parental safety tools, cooperation with regulations and law enforcement, and personal accountability for keeping users safe.

The statement was posted on the Xbox blog, but Microsoft notes it’s done in coordination with Nintendo and PlayStation as well. It says all three companies agree in a multidisciplinary approach that combines “advanced technology, a supportive community, and skilled human oversight.”

The goal, according to the companies, is to make gaming accessible to all players, including young players and vulnerable groups. It says it hopes to ensure that all players have access to social gaming experiences with respect and safety. The statement focuses on three key areas.

To support players and parents, the companies commit to providing tools and information, making safety features easy to use, informing players of changes to terms like codes of conduct, and using technology to stop improper conduct from reaching users in the first place. To collaborate with regulators, it promises to work with trade organizations, share research, and partner with the community and encourage the use of reporting tools. Finally, the companies promise to hold themselves accountable by making it easy to report violations, complying with lawful requests from regulators and law enforcement, and publishing rules for public understanding.

“Protecting players can be challenging in a digitally and often instantaneously connected world,” the statement concludes. “This partnership signifies our commitment to work together to improve player safety and ensure gaming remains truly for everyone. While the video game industry has a long history of taking steps to protect gamers, especially children, we recognize that no one company or industry will solve these challenges alone.”

The three companies have been working together more recently, with more cross-play between consoles and a public joint appearance at The Game Awards. This is a far cry from the adversarial “console war” rivalries, and this joint principle statement is one more way they appear to be cooperating.