Microsoft Boasts About Xbox’s Big Year Ahead Of Xbox Series X And Series S


Microsoft Boasts About Xbox’s Big Year Ahead Of Xbox Series X And Series S

Right now all eyes are on the next generation of Xbox, Series X and Series S. But before those new consoles arrive in force, Microsoft took a moment to pat itself on the back for the last year of games on its current-gen system, Xbox One.

An Xbox Wire post from Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg outlined a few milestones from this year on Xbox. Among those, the company set a new record for first-party games with 15 Xbox Game Studios games launched this year, 10 of which were entirely new games. He also boasted that players have put 1.66 billion hours into Xbox Game Studios games this year.

Greenberg also gave a few notes on particular games. Microsoft Flight Simulator and Ori and the Will of the Wisps both received 90+ ratings on GameSpot sister site Metacritic, and Wasteland 3 came in not far behind with an 86 and won Best RPG at Gamescom. Grounded has hit more than 1 million players while Sea of Thieves has surpassed 15 million to date.

Finally, the company shared a few fun stats about some of its biggest games. Microsoft Flight Simulator has logged 26 million flights and more than a billion miles flown, which is 15 times the number of actual daily flights taken in 2019. Minecraft Dungeons has had 6.9 million multiplayer sessions in the last two months, and 2/3 of those were couch co-op. And Grounded players have squashed 500 million bugs, but that only represents a tiny fraction (0.000000000005%) of bugs in the game.

Of course, the new generation is backward compatible with the old one, so all of these games (except Flight Simulator, which is PC-only for now) will run even better on Xbox Series X and Series S. Our Xbox Series X hands-on impressions found that the faster loading times and Quick Resume features are big quality-of-life improvements, even if the new gen isn’t coming with big weird ideas.

Both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X are coming on November 10. Preorders have been snatched up quickly whenever they become available, so if you’re still looking for one keep an eye on our Xbox Series X and Series S preorder guides.

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