Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Storage Requirements Are Ridiculously Large


Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Storage Requirements Are Ridiculously Large

With games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s become somewhat common to expect big AAA releases to require a significant portion of your hard drive for installation. But not only is Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond just a VR-compatible title, it somehow requires even more than what has become standard.

The PC requirements for Respawn’s latest title are steep, so much so that even PC’s capable of handling Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx earlier this year might have some issues. It seems like listing an RTX 2080 as the minimum GPU is where the spec sheet reaches its most ridiculous, but it’s the storage requirements that are a real eyebrow-raiser.

Above and Beyond will ultimately require 177GB for its install, but in order to begin the installation in the first place, you’ll need 340GB free. According to Polygon, the game will need nearly double of its resolving install size to unpack assets, with developer Respawn assuring players that subsequent patches will not take the overall size much higher.

This install size is large for a modern shooter like Call of Duty that features numerous modes, but just astronomical by VR standards. For reference, Half-Life: Alyx only occupies 70GB of hard drive space when installed, nearly a third of what Medal of Honor will require.

Above and Beyond does include a multiplayer mode alongside its single-player campaign, as well as a library of World War II documentaries. There currently does not seem to be a way to only install portions of the game that you want to play. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond launches on Oculus VR and through Steam on December 11.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond PC Requirements

    Intel i7 9700K (or comparable AMD)16 GB DDR4 RAMNvidia GTX 2080 or higher340+ GB of space to unpack/install; 170 GB once installed; SSD or NVMe recommended

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